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Goughs Bay - Picturesque, Peaceful, Calm Waters and Rolling Hills

The calm waters of Lake Eildon lap at the rolling hills surrounding Goughs Bay and the Delatite River winds past the township on its way to the lake.

Picturesque and peaceful, Goughs Bay is a stunning place to set out on boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, or sailing adventures – and mountain-biking is also growing in the area.

Spend a relaxing day on the water exploring the Lakes many unspoilt bays. With more than eight boat ramps, two of which are operational below the 25% water mark, Goughs Bay is a great option when other boat ramps around the region are no longer operational due to low water.

Fishing is another popular past-time at Goughs Bay. Anglers can find redfin, golden perch and Murray cod – allegedly up to a metre in size! But the Goughs Bay area is perhaps best known for its rainbow and brown trout. Ask the locals for tips on the best fishing spots around the lake and in surrounding rivers.

Mountain bikers can also explore the singletrack trails within the Delatite Arm Revegetation area close to Goughs Bay.

For a simple and low-cost way to enjoy the natural surroundings take a walk along the lake to Picnic Point , or pack a picnic and stretch out beside the Delatite River at Brack’s Bridge.

Goughs Bay Picnic Point


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